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iSalt Cooking Pad

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Product Description

iSalt Cooking Pad

The salt pad imparts a mild saltiness and appealing mineral flavour so remember DO NOT season your food before cooking.
Use a wooden chopping board or insulated trivet under the hot salt pad if you are going to be cooking or serving at the table.

Handling instructions and use

BonPom Himalayan salt pads can be heated, chilled or used at room temperature.

Room temperature
Perfect for presentation of hot or cold food, either in individual serves or as a shared platter. The salt pad can also be used to chop or slice food.

Salt Pads can be heated and used to sear thinly sliced meat such as minute steaks or Wagyu beef. Also perfect for cooking fish such as salmon, tuna or seafood, e.g. prawns.

Vegetables cook beautifully, sliced tomatoes, sliced mushrooms and peppers. Or try firm tofu slices.

How To Use

The salt pad is a natural product and may crack or shatter if heated too quickly. Follow the instructions below should ensure that you minimise the chances of the salt pad cracking or shattering. It should be noted that fine cracks will start to appear with usage and this is perfectly normal, as the salt pad gives up salt and minerals during the cooking process. It should also be noted that the pink colour will also gradually disappear. Ensure the salt pad is completely dry before use. Salt pads can be heated on the stove top to 220°C. Exceeding 220°C may cause the salt pad to shatter.

For gas cookers, commence with low temperature and slowly raise it over 15 minutes to medium heat. The salt pad will reach the ideal temperature after 30 minutes.

For electric cookers, use a spacer between the salt pad and the element (e.g. a wok ring or sponge cake ring). This should elevate the salt pad by at least ½ inch or 13mm from the element. Do NOT place the salt pad directly on an electric heating surface to avoid damage to the element or the salt pad.

Do not heat the salt pad in an oven or closed BBQ to avoid serious cracking or shattering. Salt pads will naturally develop fine cracks and loose the pink colour over time. Ensure the salt pad is dry before heating. If wet, allow to dry for 24 hours in a warm place.


The salt pad can be frozen before using it to serve silken tofu slices, sushi or seafood such as oysters. It is recommended to freeze the salt pad overnight, and to wrap it in foil or cling film so that it is not in direct contact with moisture whilst it is in the freezer.

After use Care

If heated, allow to cool completely, overnight if necessary, before cleaning and storing.
Wash and lightly scrub (if necessary) with running water. Salt has natural antimicrobial properties which aides in protecting the surface.

  • Do not soak in water
  • Do not use detergents
  • Do not place in a dishwasher
  • Dry with paper towel and store in a dry place, away from metal (copper, bronze etc.) surfaces or equipment.

How To Use

As with all salt, use responsibly and sparingly. It is advised that adults should not consume more than 6g of salt per day (about a teaspoon).
If you feel you are using too much salt in your diet then try substituting with herbs and spices when cooking.
Don’t add salt when eating if you have already cooked using salt Serving size: As directed in recipes, keep total salt intake to no more than 6g per day.

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